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PUREARTH - Turmeric & Saffron Soap

PUREARTH - Turmeric & Saffron Soap




The purifying and brightening soap.

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Himalayan biodynamic turmeric and Kashmir saffron are hero ingredients of the purifying soap Purearth. Handmade in little batches with plant botanicals and cold pressed organic oils (apricot, coconut, olive), the Turmeric & Saffron soap gently cleanses the skin, treats blemishes and acne, and brightens the skin. Mixed together, turmeric and saffron fight free radicals, help to balance the skin and give radiance to uneven skin tone.


Turmeric has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It refines skin texture and reduces acne and blemishes.


Saffron offers natural skin brightening qualities. It leaves the skin smooth, clear and radiant.


Tous les savons visage et corps Purearth sont pressés à froid et reposent pendant au moins 6 semaines dans l’air pur des montagnes de l’Himalaya afin de conserver la glycérine naturelle.

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