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The love of nature and the tribute to a mother... These are the origins of the Hungarian brand Mar Galliti. Through this name which means daughter of the sea, child of the moon, its founder, Zita Gyurokovics, wished to pay tribute to her mother Margit - a luminous, caring, unselfish woman with a real green fingers.


Mar Galliti is the result of Zita's strong bond and love for nature. Surrounded by animals and splendid gardens since childhood, a rider for years, Zita has always maintained a strong connection with nature and what it offers her. So she acquired 4000 lavender plants and decided to further train herself in aromatherapy and in the formulation and production of organic and natural skin care products in England and Hungary.


With its products, Zita wants to offer you much more than a simple garden or forest scent in a bottle, she would like to invoke the refreshing wind after a summer rain, a moonlit rose garden or the scent of hay bales on the field… Thanks to a synergy of essential oils, vegetable oils and quality vegetable extracts.

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