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Behind Lamaes there are passion, values et desire to make a difference…



I have always been captivated by beauty. When I was a child, my family and even my schoolteachers describe me like «the little girl who likes take care of herself». In this time, beauty products and make up was for me just a simple feminine characteristics. When I growing up, I understood they are more than that because application of cream, oil, mist or whatever is so sensory. Among scents, textures, gestures and emotions, each product is unique and give us some particular feelings. Beyond the fact that beauty products treat our skin concerns they have also the power to bring us a wellbeing time, a moment where we taking care of us and nothing else exist.



Efficacy. Ethical. Sensory. Today, there is a lot of organic and natural cosmetics brand on the market. Among certifications and labels, marketing and commercial arguments, ingredients lists (INCI list), sometimes it’s difficult to select real natural product. I decided to create Lamaes for resolving this because choose a beauty product must be an enjoyable action and not a complicated task. Each brand that I selected meet precise specifications: brand history, its founder, authenticity, values, ethical approach, compositions, labels and certifications, packagings, textures and scents… These are essential when I selecting brand. Because we shouldn’t compromise between the beauty of our cosmetic products, their effectiveness and their naturalness. 


Behind each selected brand, there are:

  • Active composition with more actives ingredients than texturing agents which bring no skin beneficial

  • INCI lists without controversial, toxic or harmful ingredients for your skin, your health and our beautiful planet. If only one product of a brand containing it, I can’t selected this brand

  • History, authenticity and real values that its founder carries

  • Commitment, ethical and sustainable approach

  • Certifications and labels

  • Attractives packagings

  • Textures and scents that inviting you in a pure wellbeing time, a spa at home experience


Behind Lamaes, there is also an ecological approach:

  • Packagings 100% recyclable: packing box, Kraft adhesive tape, Kraft paper

  • Marketing tools 100% recyclable: leaflet and flyer in recycled paper, adhesive tape in recycled paper, recyclable and biodegradable tissue and Kraft paper, reusable string

  • Transparency: each INCI list is in English because we have to know what exactly are in our cosmetic products




My initial observation was simple: being a consumer of natural and organic cosmetics, I was not satisfied with products and brands offered in my beautiful Roman city in the South of France, Nîmes, and more generally in larger cities around. First of all, there are always the same brands for sale and in the same types of stores (organic food stores or drugstores). By the way, there are no or very little stores specialized in natural and ethical beauty products in South of France. Then, my second disappointment was about product packaging: not really beautiful and attractive in my opinion. So my master’s degree in entrepreneurship and business management in the bag, I decided to create Lamaes and specifically the Lamaes showroom. My desire is clear: reveal new natural and organic cosmetic brands, little known brands but which deserve to be not only because of their ethics but also the quality of their products. Brands for which beauty rhymes with respect. To be logical with my approach, each product that I proposed you in this eshop is also available in the Lamaes showroom. 


I am wishing you beautiful discoveries!


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