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PUREARTH - Himalayan Salt body polish

PUREARTH - Himalayan Salt body polish




The energizing, exfoliant and detoxifying powder.

The Purearth Himalayan Salt body polish is rewarded by Elle Beauty India 2019 and Harper’s Bazaar India 2015. Rich in minerals and bio-compounds, it exfoliates dead skin cells while protecting the natural layer of skin and strengthening skin tissue. Formulated with Himalayan salt crystals, powder of bitter apricot kernels, wild pomegranate and Persian walnuts, precious essentials oils and vegetable oils, Himalayan Salt leaves skin replenished and glowing.


Himalayan salt, rich in trace minerals, detoxifies and regenerates the body while relaxing the mind.


Pomegranate, Persian walnut and purifying and decongesting ayurvedic botanicals, nourish skin, fend off free radicals, brightening and detoxifying skin while activating proper circulation.


Essential oils of mandarin and cedarwood form a divine bouquet which calm the mind.

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