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PUREARTH - Botanical mist

PUREARTH - Botanical mist


SAMBAC - 100 ml


A 100% natural mist for quench thirsty skin.

Estimated shipping from end of January

The Purearth Sambac Botanical Mist is composed with four flower waters renowned for their hydrating, soothing and refreshing properties: jasmine, rose, geranium and blue lotus. Mixed together, they form an exhilarating mist with flowery scent perfect for tired and pollution stressed skin.


The natural sweet perfume of jasmine and rose helps fight the blues, relieving depression, anxiety and stress.


Jasmine flower water tones up and revitalizes all skin type. Its sweet and flowery scent is excellent for stressed, sad ou worried people.

Rose flower water tones up, refreshes, soothes and tightens pores. Its fresh and flowery scent is ideal for people who needs reassurance, with lack of confidence or nervous.

Blue Lotus flower water is hydrating, calming and healing. Its scent relaxes and soothes.

Geranium flower water tightens pores and is balancing, anti-inflammatory, soothing and refreshing. Its fresh and flowery scent helps to find your balance, to stay centered and to drive out the negative in your life.

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