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PUREARTH - Mandarin body butter

PUREARTH - Mandarin body butter


MANDARIN - 200 ml


A rich, decadent and deeply nourishing body butter that envelops the body with aromatic fragrances.

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The Purearth Mandarin body butter, rewarded by Elle Beauty India 2016 and Harper’s Bazaar India 2014, is THE product for parched and rough skin. Infused with oil extracted from the peel of the mandarin fruit, Himalayan cedarwood, frankincense and cinnamon bark, Mandarin is a deeply nourishing body care rich in essential fatty acids, antioxydants, vitamins and phytonutrients.


Nutrient rich organic butters (cacao and kokum) and oils (seabuckthorn, hemp and apricot) soak into skin, offering nourishment and hydration from deep within.


Citrus, cedar and cinnamon essential oils greet the senses, soothing, refreshing and relieving tiredness and stress.

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