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HENUA - Miracle vitamin oil

HENUA - Miracle vitamin oil


A vitamin oil for face with oat, lingonberry and sea buckthorn that works wonders for fine line, wrinkles and sensitive skin conditions.

The award-winning Miracle Vitamin Oil Henua is carefully formulated with 11 powerful natural oils and plant extracts to deliver super-charged antioxidant nutrients to the skin. Composed with oat, rosehip, evening primrose, lingonberry and sea buckthorn oils, this face oil helps visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, correct dark spots and skin discoloration as well as soothe redness and inflammation from sensitive skin. The skin is softer, more supple and radiant.

The Miracle Vitamin Oil Henua is suitable for all skin types. It is perfect for mature skin..


Oat oil nourishes and soothes dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to its anti-fungal properties, it helps cleanse sensitive and damaged skin, reduce inflammation and seriously calm itching. Highly antioxidant, oat is also an amazing anti-aging moisturizer.


Lingonberry oil is known to reduce wrinkles and increase hydration and elasticity of the skin. Composed with powerful antioxydant like polyphenols, and vitamins B and C, minerals, sterols and fatty acides, lingonberry is an amazing ingredient. It encourages healing, improves skin texture, blocks water into the skin, reduce redness and sensitivity, promotes tissue regeneration, it is anti-inflammatory and helps reducing the appearance of the age spots and uneven skin pigmentation.


Rosehip oil helps reduce dark spots, scars and skin discoloration.


Sea buckthorn oil is a vitamin bomb! Renowned for its healing, antioxidant, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps treat and prevent acne, heal burns, cuts, wounds, sunburns, rashes and other types of skin damages while slowing the skin aging process.

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