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A manufacture for essential cosmetic products.


The origin of Natsuko is born from a deep belief. The conviction that a new approach of the cosmetic ritual is possible: slow, clean, minimalist and with high quality vegetable and natural ingredients. It’s this healthier approach for the skin that guided the founders, Patrick and Marie-Alexandra, to formulations that combine respect, quality and efficacy. Inspired by phytocosmetic, Japanese rituals and aromatherapy, Natsuko offer a complete and essential skincare rich in natural and organic ingredients. To assure the quality of the product and to respect the vision of « artisanal beauty », Natsuko products are handcrafted by the founders, in little quantity in their own laboratory in South of France.


Each Natsuko product is composed with organic and natural ingredients, without controversial or animal raw material. Black glass bottles protect formulations and their active ingredients. Natsuko products don’t have unnecessary packaging, except the soap for hygienic reason.

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